In this weeks blog we will be giving you some rules knowledge with a common ruling you’re bound to face on the course.

What do you do when your ball comes to rest on a sprinkler head?

Well in the rules of golf under rule 24-2b a sprinkler head is considered an immovable obstruction, so you receive free relief from it.

The proper way to take relief is:

  1. First mark where the ball is resting
  2. Next you must determine where your nearest point of relief is that is no closer to the hole.
  3. Once you have determined your nearest point of relief you mark that spot also with a tee or a coin
  4. From there you get a full club length, and from there you drop within that club length.

It’s important to remember when you drop the ball that it doesn’t go closer to the hole, and if it does you get to drop again.
Ff the ball goes closer to the hole on the second drop you get to place the ball where the ball landed on the second drop.

Also we must remember when we take relief and drop the golf ball there’s a proper way according to the USGA rules.

In accordance to rule 20-2, a ball to be dropped under the rules of golf must be dropped by the player; he or she must stand erect, hold the ball at shoulder height and arm’s length and drop it.

Hope you learned something from this. We'll be releasing more rules information, so keep checking back for more.
If you would like to read more about Rule 24 - Click here to read on the R&A Website

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