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Building the Best Statistical Golfer

Posted by Blake McPherson
13 Mar 2017 06:43 PM

Hole 16 through the trees on the left.What if you could build the statistical golfer on the PGA Tour based on pure stats? What would he look like? In this weeks blog I’m going to build that golfer and we will be using five statistical categories. When choosing this golfer we cannot pick the same golfer twice. Lets see what the golfer looks like.

Golfer Inspired and Named Drinks plus a few of my own

Posted by Blake McPherson
30 Jan 2017 01:11 PM

What is something that is almost always paired with recreational golf? Alcohol!!! Yep that’s it, in this weeks blog I’ll be going over some drinks inspired and named after golfers, as well as my five favorite cocktails I’ve tried over the years and maybe your next time out golfing you’ll give a try.