In this week blog we will be talking about a few fun games you can play while practicing on and around the greens that will help you lower your scores.

The first game is for your short game around the greens and it’s called “18” the object of 18 is to get the ball up and down from 9 different locations. Usually you try and pick 3 easy chips, 3 medium chips and 3 hard ones. And the goal is to chip the ball onto the green and make the putt, you’ll notice after playing it a couple a times how it easily translates to the course. The par for the game is 18 so keep track each time and you’ll start seeing improvement not only with the game but with your scores on the course.

The second game is called, “Double Draw Back” and this is a putting game. This game focuses on your speed and makes you make those tricky 3-5 footers we often see on the course. There’s no set number of holes to play but there are a couple rules, when putting to the hole if your ball doesn’t make it level to the front edge of the cup you have to draw it straight back two putter lengths. But if you do make it to or past the hole you only have to draw it away from the hole one putter length. This is a fun way to focus on your speed and put a little pressure on yourself while practicing.

Practicing can be a long and tedious process, but these games will help you improve your scores while having a little fun along the way.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks blog and hope to see you on the first tee or the practice green.

PS: Don't forget about Men's Club - Chapman, this Sunday, Feb 19th at Buena Vista Golf Course